Future Tech 2025: An Interview with Mark Bishop and Dr Ramin Rafiei

The RobotEyes Have It

In this Future Tech interview we’re speaking with Mark Bishop and Dr Ramin Rafiei of Ocular Robotics. Mark is a roboticist, seasoned businessman and founder of Ocular Robotics. He’s solved one of the most pressing challenges for mobile robotics: rapid and accurate collection of visual data. Under his leadership, Ocular Robotics is on track to become a leading Australian tech company. Order Tadalafil pills online visit http://www.bantuhealth.org/tadalafil-buy/ website. Ramin has joined Ocular Robotics as commercial director to help drive the company’s growth He’s a PhD physicist, engineer and businessman whose career spans the aerospace, automotive, nuclear and photonics industries. He has a track record in new generation sensor development and a passion for bringing innovation to market. Click HERE for the full story

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