Ocular Robotics Releases ‘RobotEye Thermal’ Product Range | Ocular Robotics

Ocular Robotics Releases ‘RobotEye Thermal’ Product Range

Ocular Robotics is excited to announce the release of the RELW60 Thermal product range. This extension of the RobotEye product range into the thermal vision domain opens a swathe of new markets and applications for the company’s products.

RobotEye RELW60 Thermal

The combination of the RobotEye technology with long wave infrared (LWIR) ‘thermal’ cameras allows the effective multiplication, of what are expensive thermal pixels, due to both the low resolution and cost of thermal cameras. Visit this site http://howmed.net/accutane-isotretinoin/, compare and choose the best deal for generic Accutane, save your money. The multiplication of thermal camera resources delivered by the RELW60 is unique in enabling the application of thermal cameras to tasks not previously possible and provides significant efficiencies in tasks where they are already deployed.

As pointed to above, a key benefit of the RobotEye technology to simultaneously rapidly and precisely direct the view of a sensor, is amplified when applied to the pointing of thermal cameras because of their low resolution and high cost. This will see the RELW60 range make important contributions in diverse areas including security, policing, ports, industry, resources, critical infrastructure protection, defence and agriculture.

The RELW60 product range is offered with three resolution options and a selection of optics to deliver from wide to narrow fields of view to meet the demands of almost any application.

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