RobotEye REN25 NAKED

RobotEye Basic REN25

  • RobotEye Basic REN25The RobotEye REN25 NAKED is an implementation of our RobotEye technology designed to provide a general purpose high performance two axis optical pointing capability for use in OEM and prototype systems. As with all RobotEye systems, the sensor or source is able to remain completely stationary while the signal is directed about two axes. The REN25 NAKED optical path components can be specified at build time to match your chosen sensor.

    The unprecedented motion bandwidth of the RobotEye REN25 NAKED allows the following types of behaviours to be achieved with ease.

    Pre-programmed Paths

    The REN25 NAKED can accurately follow predefined paths with extremely high accelerations up to 100,000°/s² and velocities up to 10,000°/s delivering unparalleled path following capabilities to a wide range of sensors and sources. Where precision repeated path following about two axes with your sensor or source is important to your application the REN25 NAKED provides an ideal solution.

    Dynamically Generated Paths

    Just as with predefined paths the REN25 NAKED is able to follow dynamically generated paths with the same unparalleled accuracy, acceleration and velocity as in the pre-programmed case and with the same flexibility to use the sensor our source of your choice. The generated paths can be completely arbitrary within the field of regard of the  REN25 NAKED. These paths are realised simply by streaming desired aperture angles to the relevant function in our RobotEye RE Lib C++ library. A good example of this behaviour is our inertially slaved REN25 option which provides a ready made off the shelf implementation where the REN25 NAKED aperture is slaved to the inertial sensor connected to the system.

    Dynamic or Structured Pointing

    The ability of the RobotEye REN25 NAKED to move rapidly and accurately between points with extremely high acceleration and slew speed provides unprecedented capability in acquiring sensor data from, or pointing a source at, points of interest within the field of regard of the REN25 NAKED. Whether a structured grid of measurements is required or completely arbitrary points are being defined by some input to the system the REN25 NAKED can acquire each designated point dwell for the required amount of time and move to the next point with unparalleled speed.

    Velocity Controlled Scanning

    By setting the REN25 NAKED to velocity mode the full field of the system can be scanned at a wide range of rates in both azimuth and elevation. Applications of this mode include: scanning the environment surrounding a system for a given signal; mapping the environment surrounding the system in terms of a given sensor’s band of sensitivity; or even illuminating the surrounding environment in a controlled way. The REN25 NAKED velocity mode offers full control to be able to achieve these behaviours as required by the application.

  • Optical Path Customization

    The only required optical element in the REN25 NAKED System is the mirror at the centre of the system. When ordering a system a mirror can be chosen that suits the sensor used in your application or alternatively a customer specified mirror may be installed when the system is built. Other optical components may also be built into the optical path of the REN25 NAKED, whether it is a system window with particular transmission properties, signal collimation optics or some other requirement. Please contact Ocular Robotics for more information if required.


    The RobotEye REN25 NAKED System has been designed to operate in the harshest environments with the ability to adopt an environmental protection rating of up to IP65 and an operating temperature range of –20°C up to 70°C. All system components have been designed or selected to meet the performance and operational requirements of the demanding environments in the defence, resources and homeland security sectors.

    As with all of our systems, the REN25 system gains its robust nature from the fact that the sensor, all drive components and control electronics remain stationary and inside the system enclosure or within the housing of the platform to which the system is mounted leaving only the RobotEye head exposed. The low mechanical stress operation of the RobotEye technology ensures extended operation at high levels of performance. All of this results in a system that can be relied on to operate in harsh environments for long periods without attention.

    System Customisation

    All RobotEye systems can be customised to meet the needs of an application or operating environment. Whether it is tailoring for operation in a particular service environment, component material changes, enhancing performance specifications, altering the optical path characteristics, custom software development or a range of other possible modifications, all of these things can be achieved while retaining the dynamic performance and other benefits of the RobotEye technology. Please contact Ocular Robotics for more information if required.

  • Mechanical

    Maximum Aperture Rate 10,000°/s
    Maximum Aperture Acceleration 100,000°/s²
    Azimuth Axis Resolution 0.010°
    Elevation Axis Resolution 0.010°
    Azimuth Range 360° Continuous
    Elevation Range 70° (±35°)
    Accuracy 0.05°
    Weight 1.6kg


    Communication Ethernet
    Supply Voltage 24VDC
    Power Consumption
    — Typical (average) < 1.5A
    — Maximum (peak) 10.0A


    Clear Aperture 22mm
    Mirror Options Yes
    Customizable Optical Path Elements Yes


    RobotEye C++ Development Library Windows/Linux
    Network Interface Protocol


    Operating Temperature Range -20°C – +70°C
    IP Class Rating Up to 65

    Note: IP Rating valid only when supplied in an enclosure, system window is factory fitted and both supplied power & optionally supplied weatherproof Ethernet cable connectors are fitted.

    Specifications are subject to change without notice

  • RobotEye C++ Class Library — The REN25 ships with a fully documented C++ class library for both Windows and Linux that can be used to simply and quickly interface to the REN25 device. This enables rapid application development for users of the REN25. The library provides access to the entire range of REN25 features. The RobotEye Class Library Reference Manual is available for download from the Downloads tab, and contains a full description of the library and its use.

    RobotEye Inertial slaving application

    The REN25 (inertially slaved variant) ships with an inertial Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) that enables inertially slaved operation of the REN25. This application, in conjunction with the RobotEye Class Library allows a wide variety of applications to be developed. See the Head Mounted Display on the REN25 Videos page of our website for a demonstration of the use of this application.

    Stabilised RobotEye REN25

    The Stabilised REN25 closes an inertial feedback loop at the level of the RobotEye’s custom control hardware to provide a high bandwidth stabilised aperture capable of stabilizing the view of a sensor in 3 axes on a wide range of mobile platforms

  • System Components

    RobotEye REN25 NAKED Head optimized for efficiency in the selected band
    RobotEye REN25 NAKED Control Unit
    3 Metre System Power Cable
    RobotEye C++ Class Library

    Optional system components

    Inertially Slaved RobotEye System Upgrade
    Stabilized System Upgrade
    Optical Path Element Customisation (contact Ocular Robotics for more information)
    System Enclosure
    Weatherproof Ethernet Cable

  • Datasheet

    RobotEye REN25 NAKED Datasheet