About Us

Ocular Robotics

Ocular Robotics Ltd is an Australian robotics company which designs, manufactures and markets the world’s most dynamic sensor platform, the only platform which brings together unmatched speed and precision in one solution. RobotEye delivers the agility and precision required to drastically increase operational performance and efficiency for systems that rely on sensors in markets as diverse as robotics and automation, security and surveillance, aerospace and defense, mining and resources, and precision agriculture.

RobotEye can be deployed on land, in air and at sea, and its unique ability to guide light to any sensor allows the sensor itself and much of the rest of the mass normally associated with directing the view of a sensor to remain stationary. This means that regardless of the size and weight of a sensor RobotEye can direct its view about multiple axes at ultra-high speeds while simultaneously maintaining excellent precision. RobotEye’s panoramic view of the world covers the full light range from ultra-violet, through the visible and infra-red, and beyond.

Current deployment of the RobotEye family of products include autonomous navigation and robotics, 3D mapping, mine automation, intelligent surveillance, situational awareness, emergency response vehicles, port automation, critical infrastructure and border protection. Collaboration with our OEM partners and integrators to design and build customized RobotEyes is a key capability of Ocular Robotics. Our innovative RobotEye family of products continue to re-define the way our customers see the world and include:

RobotEye 3D LIDAR: RobotEye LIDAR are the world’s smartest 3D laser scanners, enabling on-the-fly adjustment of the scan region and scan resolution. The ruggedized laser sensors have a scanning range covering 360° in azimuth and 70° in elevation, with the ability to acquire 3D point densities of up to 200 points per degree along each axis. The RobotEye LIDAR can be operated by any networked device, independent of its operating system. Our LIDAR systems can be deployed on land, in air and at sea, and have been designed for an array of applications in the fields of robotics, automation, defence and security, mining, oil and gas, and agriculture.

RobotEye VISION: RobotEye VISION systems enable the direction of view of the camera to be changed with unmatched speed and precision. RobotEye VISION systems are the only imaging systems that simultaneously deliver ultra-high speed and precision to any platform on land, in air and at sea. The ruggedized vision systems have the ability to track extremely fast-moving objects, or even track multiple objects simultaneously with a single camera. RobotEye VISION has been designed for an array of applications in the fields of intelligent security and surveillance, live events broadcasting, situational awareness, robotics, manufacturing, automation, ISR, aerospace and defense, unmanned systems, and emergency response.

RobotEye THERMAL: RobotEye THERMAL systems direct the view of their high resolution 640×480, 30 fps thermal imager with unmatched speed and precision, enabling cost-effective ultra-high speed thermal imaging. RobotEye Stabilized THERMAL systems bring this ultrarapid thermal imaging to any moving platform on land, in air and at sea. These thermal systems have the ability to track extremely fast-moving objects, or even track multiple objects simultaneously with its single thermal imager. RobotEye THERMAL has been designed for an array of applications in the fields of surveying and mapping, law enforcement, situational awareness, military and defense, border security, unmanned systems, asset management, and first responders.

RobotEye HYPERSPECTRAL: RobotEye HYPERSPECTRAL systems transform any single point spectrometer into a mapping hyperspectrometer. These hyperspectral imaging systems couple the wide field of view and pointing precision of the RobotEye with any commercial off-the-shelf single point spectrometer to achieve rapid imaging with both high spatial and spectral resolution. The small and lightweight RobotEye HYPERSPECTRAL has wide optical throughput covering 400-2500 nm and can be mounted on any mobile platform for applications in precision agriculture, oil and gas, forestry management, environmental monitoring, and industrial automation.

RobotEye NAKED: RobotEye NAKED systems bring the world’s fastest and most precise sensor pointing capability to any sensor payload, including thermal and visible cameras, and laser rangefinders. These units have been designed for OEM integration in the defense and aerospace, security and surveillance, robotics and automation markets.


Our Vision

Ocular Robotics will become a leading supplier of high performance sensor pointing technologies and associated services by supporting our customer’s goals through operational excellence, ongoing development and partnership with our customers

Our Values

Focus: Maintaining a clear focus on all aspects of the business objectives, goals and customer needs.

Innovation: Maintaining a leading edge over our competition through the development and commercialisation of new and existing products meeting market needs and working with clients to achieve best outcomes.

Integrity: Having a professional approach to work with the highest ethical standards and a businesslike manner across all aspects of our business. Including doing what we say we are going to do, doing what is right for the Business, shareholders and customers with our reputation built on quality of performance.

People development: Fostering and maintaining an interest in the future growth of the Business through planning, ongoing personal development and engagement of highly skilled individuals/organisations.

Value: Achieving profitable sustainable growth, providing enhanced opportunities and superior returns to investors and customers benefiting from our relationship.

Urgency: Showing earnestness and the desire for immediate action while maintaining a commitment to efficiency, quality and professionalism.