Custom Systems

RobotEye Custom

A key part of the Ocular Robotics business is the production of RobotEye systems that meet the requirements of our OEM and integrator customers. From our core pointing technology through to turnkey subsystems our expertise in producing embodiments of the RobotEye technology to our customer’s requirements for use in almost any application is central to the operations of the company.

The patented RobotEye technology that is at the heart of all Ocular Robotics’ sensor pointing systems is the key by which our systems deliver unparalleled pointing dynamics. There are a broad array of possibilities available to configure our core technology for a host of different applications. Whether the requirement is for an OEM component sub-system or a special purpose standalone system, the design flexibility of the RobotEye technology ensures that Ocular Robotics can deliver to its customers and partners implementations designed specifically to match the target application environment, performance and system integration specifications.

The scope of a customization project will involve either customization of an existing RobotEye system or full custom development of a new RobotEye embodiment. Contact Ocular Robotics for advice specific to your project.

Some of the commonly targeted areas for customization are:

Optical Performance: Required parameters such as wavelength band, field of view, resolution and more are achieved by appropriate design of the RobotEye optical system.

System Aperture: The system aperture defines the amount of light/signal that can enter/exit a RobotEye system. Sensor aperture requirements vary widely and RobotEye based sensor pointing systems are able to be configured to provide system apertures exceeding 200 mm in diameter and as small as 5 mm in diameter, ensuring a solution can be found for almost any sensor. Pointing dynamics scale well across aperture sizes due to the fact that drive motors for both axes always remain decoupled from the motion.

Pointing Dynamics: The hallmark of RobotEye systems is their unprecedented pointing dynamics with simultaneous high acceleration, speed and precision. Levels of performance in resolution, precision, acceleration and speed exceeding those seen in the Ocular Robotics product range are possible.

Operating Environment: It is possible to tailor system characteristics to meet operating environment requirements for weight, temperature, corrosion resistance, ingress protection and more.

Market: Not all applications require the levels of performance normally displayed by our RobotEye systems. Performance and other characteristics can be traded off against required price points for particular markets, all while  maintaining significant benefits over alternatives.

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