RobotEye Core Technology

Ocular Robotics leverages its patented RobotEye technology and expertise in high performance optical sensor pointing to bring to market products with unique capabilities most prominently in 3D laser scanning and ultra high performance camera pointing systems but also across a growing number of optical sensor technologies.

The Smartest 3D LIDAR Scanners on the Market

Ocular Robotics’ 3D LIDAR systems are the only 3D laser scanners that offer the level of control they exhibit over the scanned region and its data resolution, allowing the user to dynamically Take Control of when, where and at what resolution 3D data is acquired in their application.

Change the Equation in Your Vision Application

Ocular Robotics’ Vision Systems rewrite what is possible with directable camera systems. The speed and precision delivered by our RobotEye Vision Systems breaks the nexus that limits any system by the speed at which its cameras can be moved to capture the vision that is needed. RobotEye Vision Systems Change The Equation by removing the vision acquisition bottleneck in directable camera applications.

Let Us Redefine the Way You See the World

A key part of the Ocular Robotics business is the production of RobotEye systems that meet the requirements of our OEM and integrator customers. From our core pointing technology through to turnkey subsystems our expertise in producing embodiments of the RobotEye technology to our customer’s requirements for use in almost any application is a core capability of the company.


RobotEye Vision



RobotEye Basic

RobotEye Custom